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Foreword by Bob Stanford Tuck

When I was asked to write the Foreword to this book about the so famous “92nd Foot and Mouth”, as we called it, I was of course honoured and accepted with great pleasure.

However, on receiving the manuscript later from Flt Lt Morris from Gütersloh, where 92 Squadron was stationed, and having read it, I had misgivings as to my ability to write a Foreword which would not seem to the reader too completely and utterly slavish in it’s pride for this truly magnificent Squadron. But, I had been asked to write it and had accepted, so why not say exactly what I thought, as I had a very active period with them and the honour of achieving their first victory in World war II.

I was posted from 65 Squadron at Hornchurch to 92 squadron at Croydon on the 2nd May 1940, having been promoted to Flt. Lt., and so began one of the most exhilarating, dangerous and also sad periods of my life.

This book is about a Fighter Squadron of the Royal Air Force, I will not say typical, as few Squadrons had the honour  of being in very nearly continual combat for the whole of the 39-45 war, but 92 Squadron, in fact, did just that.

As a pilot of both 65 and 92 squadrons, I had always considered the basic essentials to the making of a “crack” Squadron were the machines, the technical ability of the ground and flying crews, and lastly, but probably most important, Squadron morale. These essentials 92 had to the full.

As I write this Foreword and warm to the subject, I am very tempted to talk about so many of the fine characters that I knew, many of whom paid the ultimate price in building the truly brave and honourable tradition of this squadron, but that is not my job- this book speaks for itself.

I think the book will appeal tremendously to Fighter Pilots throughout the Air Forces of the world and certainly to the general public, and particularly to students of the history of air combat.

To conclude, I should like to congratulate Flt.Lt. Morris on a well researched, well written book, and wish to all past and present members of the “92nd Foot and Mouth” the best of luck, and my thanks to you all for the honour of having served and fought with you.

Sandwich Bay, Kent.                          
21st March 1977

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