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F 540 Aug 41-Dec 41


Dull with low clouds. No flying possible all day. Squadron released off camp.


Dull again making flying impossible. Squadron released off camp again.


Brighter today. Some activity during the evening. At 1730 hours four aircraft did a rhurbarb over FRANCE. Two had to return on account of cloud at 1800 hours. 8 aircraft took off on an escort for an attack on shipping. All returned. Another four aircraft left at 2119 hours on a Rhurbarb. All returned except P/O. BRUCE who forced landed at LYMPNE, with a damaged tail plane owing to A.A. Fire over FRANCE.


Clear, not much activity during the day. One or two patrols were made but no enemy aircraft were seen. Weather continues to be cloudy and unsatisfactory for operational flying.


No flying all day. One sweep carried out in the evening without any result owing to bad weather conditions over FRANCE. Sgts. COX and HANN reported from an OTU for flying duties.


Low clouds with occasional bright periods. A conference at 1000 hours, but no operations ordered owing to adverse weather over FRANCE. The squadron went on a sweep about 1900 hrs over FRANCE. The weather became so bad that they returned without reaching the target.


Bright with a clear sky. A conference called for at 0900 houro in view of a sweep at 1000 hrs. This was postponed owing to weather till later in the aftomoon. A high escort was made by 92 and several combats took place. Sgt. KINGABY DFM. scored one probable and one damaged. The squadron did not go to WEST HALTING for fighter nights owing to bad weather. A further sweep was made in the evening and the COMMANDING OFFICER scored one confirmed and one damaged. Sgt. HOWARD. RNZAF. was reported missing from this operation.

Sgts. AHERN and HICKMAN crashed landed near DEAL. Sgt. AHERN is alright but Sgt. HICKMAN is slightly injured in hospital at DEAL.


Dull with heavy rain. Squadron on 30 minutes all morning. F/Lt. MILNE DFC. reported for duty. No flying all day on account of bad weather. 


Dull again today. A sweep was carried out in the evening and several combats took place. The COMMANDING OFFICER shot down two confirmed. Sgt. Le CHEMINANT got one confirmed. Sgt. KINGABY DFM. got one confirmed and one probable. The rest of the Squadron scored one probable and three damaged. Sgt. HARRISON was shot up and landed at HAWKINGE.


Bright this morning. The Squadron did a fighter sweep at noon but did not encounter any enemy aircraft. All landed safely and no further operations took place during the day, as the weather became dull with heavy rain.


Dull with heavy pain all day. Squadron releaaed all day till 1700 hours. Further release owing to weather conditions.


Bright with some cloud. Conference at 1015 hours and a sweep at 1100 hours. No enemy aircraft were encountered and all landed safely. Another sweep took off about 1730 hours and the only one to get shot up was Sgt. CARPENTER. He was unhurt but his machine was damaged, all the rest landed safely.


Dull with heavy rain. Squadron released till 1300 hours. Squadron released off campfor the rest of the day owing to bad weather and rain.


Bad weather all morning. Squadron did two sweeps later one at 1344 hours. and one at 1643 hrs. No enemy aircraft were seen during either of these sweeps and all returned safely.


Very wet day with low cloud. No flying possible all day. The East India Fund presented 24 beer tankards to 92 today. The presentation was made by SIR ALFRED PICKFORD at 92 dispersal at 1500 hours. F/O. SANDERSON reported for duty today.


An early sweep was carried out at 0730 hours. Some enemy aircraft were seen and F/Lt. THOMPSON scored a damaged. All landed safely. Two more sweeps during the day, one at 1230 hrs and the other at 1730. No enemy aircraft encountered and all returned to base without damage. One or two pilots fired their guns but without visible result.


Squadron on dawn readiness. Bright with clouds, but weather seems to be deteriorating. Weather remained bad all day and the squadron was released off camp.


Dull with some cloud. Conference at 1330 hrs today. Two sweeps one in the afternoon over LILLE. Sgt. HANN failed to return and is reported missing. Another sweep in the evening no enemy aircraft encountered and the whole squadron returned safely.


Beautiful day with clear sky. Conference at 1030 hrs this morning. Sweep this morning, no enemy aircraft encountered. All the squadron returned safely at Noon. ‘B’ Flight on readiness all afternoon. Another sweep in the evening, all returned safely to base. SQUADRON LEADER RANKIN was awarded a BAR to the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS and P/O. DOUGALL now a prisoner of War received A DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS.


Better weather today in the morning but it got bad in the afternoon and all operational flying was called off. Squadron was released early in the afternoon.


Bright and clear. Sweep took off at Noon and an accident occured on the aerodrome. Sgt. HARRISON hit the wing of a 72 machine taking off and was badly injured. He died in ORPINGTONHOSPITAL the same evening. A second sweep was made in the evening. Sgt.AHERN was reported missing and P/O.ARCHER received a small wound in the leg. P/O.BRETTELL crash landed owing to lack of fuel.


Weather unsatisfactory all day. Squadron released at Noon. No operational flying owing to low cloud. Sgt. ROFF reported for duty.


Dull and wet. No flying possible all morning. The weather continued bad all day. Sgt. POSTLETHWAITE reported for duty.


Dull with rain, till the evening when a sweep took off, but returned without seeing any E/A. P/O. WITAMORE and Sgt. ATKINS reported for duty.


Dull and wet. Cleared during the afternoon. Funeral of Sgt. HARRISON at ORPINGTON. No flying done all day.


Dull during the morning, but it cleared by the afternoon. The squadron took off at 1700 hrs on a sweep. No action was experienced, but P/O. PHILLIPS failed to return.


An early sweep on a bright clear morning. Sgt. ROFF was seen to go into the sea. All returned without contacting enemy aircraft. Another take off at 1030 of 8 aircraft, nothing seen all returned safely. No more flying all day.


Brightt with some cloud. Squadron not on readiness till 1700 hrs. Three Canadian pilots reported for flying duties today. P/O. ASSELIN, Sgt. KENWOOD, Sgt. PAVELY. Some local flying during the day. Weather deteriorated during the day. P/O’s COCKER and BARTHOLOMEW reported for flying duties.


Dawn readiness with an early sweep. No encounters and all returned safely. Readilness again at 1300 hrs. No further operational flying during the day.


Low clouds. No operational sweep all day. One or two aircraft did convoy escort. Sgt.’s EDGE and WOOD-SCAWEN reported for duty. The BIGGIN HILL wing flew over LONDON this afternoon for demonstration purposes.


An early sweep. All returned by 0800 hours. No encounters. Another sweep conference at 1100 hours, take off at Noon, several encounters took place and the following score was obtained: The COMMANDING OFFICER 1 probable, P/O. BARTHOLOMEW 1 Destroyed, P/O’s HUMPHREYS and DUKE 1 damaged each. A convoy patrol was made in the evening and Sgt. KENWOOD RCAF lost his way and baled out, he was uninjured, but his aircraft burnt out.


Bright and door in the morning. Several non operational pilots did none training during the day. One or two sections did convoy patrols but no large operation took place. Released at 1700 hours.


Beautiful day with warm sun. Squadron on readiness at 0900 hours. Eight aircraft as escort over the Channel during the morning. 30 minutes at 1300 hours. Conference at 1600 hours. 12 aircraft went on a sweep. No encounters with E/A and all back safely.


Thick ground mist and rise in temperature. Mist cleared during the day. Conference at 1510 hours. Sweep at 1530. Several landed at MANSTON and HAWKINGE. P/O. BRUCE was shot up and landed with glycol leak at MANSTON. All the others landed safely back at BIGGIN HILL. F/Lt. MILNE. DFC. taking over 92 as COMMANDING OFFICER and Squadron Leader RANKIN. DFC. to be Wing Commander at BIGGIN HILL.


Dull with hoary mist. Cleared during the day. Conference at 1400 hours was cancelled, and the squadron did not do a sweep till late afternoon. P/O. ASSELIN failed to return from this operation.


Another day of ground mist and bad weather over FRANCE. No operational flying during the day. Squadron was released during the afternoon.


Heavy mist and cloud all day. Squadron was released again after lunch. No further flying. 



Better weather today. Clear bright norning. Squadron on dawn readinese till 0900 hours. Weather over FRANCE not good enough for operational flying. S/Ldr. MILNE DFC took over command of 92 today.    


No operational flying all day owing to ground mist. Squadron released off camp in the afternoon. Anniversary of 92 arriving at BIGGIN HILL. Big party in the mess.


Weather still foggy and no flying possible all day.


Ground mist again this morning. One flight on Readiness at 0900 hours. Squadron was released again for the rest of the day owing to weather over FRANCE.


Better weather today. Some cloud. Several Rhubarbs patrols were carried out during the day.


Weather not suitable for flying.


Only practise flying today owing to bad weather. Formation flying over BROMLEY in the afternoon. Night flying, Sgt. ATKINS overshot and went over on a wing tip avoiding a stationary machine. Sgt. POSTLETHWAITE crashed from 2500 feet, no explanation why he got into a dive out of control. He crashed onto a house and was killed.


Very little flying today owing to bad weather and ground mist. Some practise over base.


Bad weather again and only local flying possible all day.


Weather better and a conference to be held at 1600 hours in view of a sweep. Sgt. SAMOUELLE reported to 92 for duty. No operational flying owing to bad weather.


Better weather today. A sweep took place at 1500 hours over FRANCE. Several combats took place. P/O. BRETTELL was shot up and wounded. He landed at HAWKINGE and is now in hospital. P/O. BARTHOLOMEW was shot up and had to bale out in the CHANNEL. It was with the greatest regret that we heard that he had been drowned. Sgt. COX got a confirmed 109F and F/Lt. LUND scored a probable. Orders to move to GRAVESEND on the 24/09/41


Beautiful day. Some gound mist. Weather conditions improved and a sweep took place in the afternoon. No enemy aircraft were seen and all arrived back safely.


Weather dull with low cloud. All operational flying cancelled. Squadron released off camp at 1600 hours.


Dull again with adverse weather reports. Sweep in the afternoon. Sgt. HICKMAN failed to return. All the rest landed safely.


Much ground mist most of the day. When it cleared in the evening the Squadron did a sweep over FRANCE. All got back without contacting any enemy aircraft.


Heavy ground mist making flying impossible. Squadron to move to GRAVESEND on Wednecday 24th. All preperations for the move commenced.


Still no flying on account of bad weather conditions. Transport is being loaded for the move tomorrow. Everything completed by the evening. The COMMANDING OFFICER went on leave at night.


Squadron moved out of BIGGIN HILL at 0900 for GRAVESEND. The move completed as regards the ground staff and equipmentt by the afternoon, only six pilots could land owing to mist on the ground. The rest of the aircraft and pilots remained at BIGGIN HILL. The Officers are billetted at COBHAM HALL two miles from the camp.



Beautiful morning with some ground mist. The squadron is settled in and work has commenced at the new station. All the pilots arrived by air in the afternoon, the Officers billets are very comfortable indeed. Some practice flying but no operational all day.


Another good day with some cloud. Several Rhubarbs were carried out during the day. Practice flying all afternoon.


Bright and clear today. A sweep took place this afternoon. Several combats took place with the following results. The C.O. scored one probable and 1 damaged. Sgt. JOHNSON also one probable and one damaged and P/O. BEAKE damaged one. Everyone got back safely. Some bullet holes were found in P/O. BEAKE'S machine.


Clear early in the day but clouds came over and rain fell during the rest of the day. No operational flying during the day.


Cloudy and some rain. Squadron was released off camp at 1000 hours. No flying all day.


Bright day, some flying done mostly training and dog fighting. Squadron was released at 1600 hours owing to bad weather.


Bright and clear. Some practice flying during the morning. A sweep went off during the afternoon and all returned safely. F/Sgt. KINGABY DFM. scored one confirmed and one probable.


Another bright warm day. A sweep went off at 1200 hours for BIGGIN HILL. One section returned at 1430 hours to GRAVESEND. No combats had taken place by any of this section. The second section however, met with many enemy aircraft and only one of the four returned. The other three, F/Lt. LUND, Sgt. EDGE,and Sgt. PORT were all reported missing. P/O. BRUCE was injured when he crash landed at ASHFORD, KENT. He is now in hospital. A very bad day for 92.


Another clear day. A sweep took off from BIGGIN HILL at 1330 and again 92 went into action over FRANCE. The first section led by the COMMANDING OFFICER returned alright but the second section again ran into superiour nunbers of 109's and Sgt. COX and Sgt. Wood-SCAWEN were shot down. Sgt. KINGABY DFM. shot down a 109F, but had to land at MANSTON. This made a total of five pilots lost and seven Spitfires written off in two days. A very bad show.


Dull with rain all day. No operational flying possible. Bad weather continued throughout the day.


Dull and misty. No flying possible. Squadron was released off camp at 1000 hours. Rain fell later in the day.


Much ground mist in the morning but it cleared during the day. Very warm and bright. Squadron released for the rest of the day at 1400 hours. Some practise flying during the afternoon.


No flying all day owing to ground mist.


Some practise flying this afternoon when the mist cleared.


Squadron released off camp all day. Dull and wet all day.


This is the second anniversity of the formation of 92 Squadron. The squadron was formed at TANGMERE on the 10th October, 1939 by SQUADRON LEADER BUSHELL. Only 34 of the original boys of the squadron are now serving with it and a party was given by them

in LONDON today. They left GRAVESEND in a coach for LONDON at 1400. They had invited SQUADRON LEADER R. M. MILNE. DFC. the present COMMANDING OFFICER, FLYING OFFICER. H.W. McGOWAN the Adjutant and FLYING OFFICER.T.A.WIESE the Intelligence Officer. The party attended a performance at Victoria Palace of 'Black Vanities' and afterwards had dinner at Oddeninos’. It was a very sucessful party and the spirit of the 'Gallant' 92' was revived to its old place in the hearts of all who had served with the grand squadron. T


Bright and cold today. There was a good deal of mist to the South so no operations were carried out. A good deal of practise flying was done over base.


Another bright day. A sweep with bombers was carried out this morning. All our boys got back. Sgt. GAUTHIER crash landed owing to engine failure at FRISTON near EASTBOURNE. Squadron released in the afternoon.


Weather good again with clear sky. A sweep went off today escorting bombers to a power station near LILLE. All the boys returned safely. The C.O. accounted for three 109's and damaged a fourth. This is the best single score since 92 became operational and the squadron is very proud indeed of the splendid work of Squadron Leader Milne today. We have now reached the Splendid total of 193 destroyed.


Dull and wet. The COMMANDING OFFICER and F/Lt. SANDERSON went to a conference at BIGGIN HILL today at 09.30 hours. Some practice flying over base.


No operational flying took place owing to adverse weather conditions. Some practice flying during the day.


Dull with a good deal of cloud. A lot of practice flying was carried out all day.Tho C.O. got orders to leave on a special mission to the MIDDLE EAST tomorrow.


Beautiful day. Squadron Leader MILNE DFC. left at 0900 to everyone’s regret. GROUP CAPTAIN BARWELL called on the Squadron during the morning from BIGGIN HILL. Some practice flying done during the day.


Another bright day with some ground mist. Some practise flying during the day. All preparations are being made for the move to DIGBY on Monday.


Beautiful day. Most of te day was spent packing for the move tomorrow.


Another bright clear day. The squadron moved to DIGBY at 0900 hours and the move completed by 1800 hours. Nineteen machines were flown over from GRAVESEND. First impressions of the new station were not good at all. The outgoing Squadron took everything with them and caused the squadron to be U.S. The airmen were badly housed several sleeping on the floor.



Our first day at DIGBY. Practise flying all day. The weather clear and bright. Spares have been collected and the squadron is now able to come to Readiness. Some dusk patrols.


Bright and clear. Further practise flying all day. Some Night Flying. A non-operational station does not suit the pilots of 92.


Another good day. Signal received that S/Ldr. G. A. L. CHEATLE of 266 Squadron is to take temporary command of 92 until the return of S/Ldr. R. M. MILNE DFC. He is to report on the 27th. Some practise flying during the day and three pilots did Night Flying.


Beautiful day with some wind. A sweep took place over the WASH at 1300 hours. Nothing was seen by any of our pilots and after about an hour they all returned to base. The weather deteriorated in the afternoon and no more flying was done.


Dull with ground mist. No flying. ‘A’ Flight on readiness at 1300 hours.


Some practise flying. Squadron released at noon. Bright with showers.


Dull with ground mist. Some practise flying during the morning. Squadron 30 minutes at 1300 hours. Adverse weather conditions stopped all flying later in the day. Fighter Nights. No action.



Bright and cold. Some practise flying during the day. S/Ldr. CHEATLE reported for Temporary Command of 92. P/O. ARCHER is to be posted for duty with M.S.F.U. and P/O’s DUKE and HUMPHREYS are to go overseas as Flight Commanders. 92 is being broken up and only three of the pilots have been with us more than three months.


Dull with cloud this morning. No flying took place all day. Snow showers in the afternoon and a very cold wind. Squadron was released during the afternoon. SIR PAUL DUKES gave a lecture in the mess in the evening about RUSSIA.


Cold and bright. 30 minutes till 1900 hours.


Dull with heavy rain cleared up later in the morning. Some practise flying carried out.


Showery and cold. Some practice flying during the morning. Squadron released in afternoon. 


Bright with some cloud. Some practice flying during the day on fighter nights procedure. F/SQT. D. E. KINGABY DFM. And BAR received his second bar to his DFM. "Good show Donald". He is now posted to an O.T.U. at GRANGEMOUTH. P/O’s HUPHREYS and DUKE were posted as F/Lts to the MIDDLE EAST and left tonight. Sgt. PAVELY was posted to MANSTON also. The whole squadron were very sorry indeed to see those grand boys leave 92. 


Dull with some cloud. Some convoy patrols and practice flying. Squadron released at 1300 hours.


Dull with rain. Very little flying today.


Dull, some practice flying. Signal from H.Q.F.C. that SQUADRON LEADER MILNE has been awarded a BAR to his DFC. “Good show Dicky”. F/Lt. SANDERSON went into hospital for examination.


Dull again. Some firing practice from SUTTON BRIDGE this morning. We were all delighted when WING COMMANDER RANKIN DFC. and BAR came to see his old squadron today.


Bright with some ground mist. Seven Sgt. pilots were interviewed for Commissions today. Some practice flying. No Night Flying.    


Bright and frosty. Allan Wright called in to see us today, he is now at Fighter Command. Not much flying. P/O. BEAKE put up for Flight Lieutenant as F/Lt. SANDERSON is in hospital and posted to SHQ, DIGBY.    


Dull with mist. F/Lt. RICHARDSON recommended for promotion to Squadron Leader and P/O’s ARCHER and BRUCE to be F/Lts. Soon we will have no operational pilots in the Squadron.


Some practice flying.    Weather very bad with rain and low cloud. Squadron released at 1300. Lecture on gas in the afternoon.            


Bright with some cloud. Weather got very bad later in the day. Sgt. KENNEDY crashed in YORKSHIRE hawing got lost on a practice flight. He was injured and is in Hospital.


A practice parade this morning. No flying all morning. P/O. ARCHER posted to 412 Sqdn at WELLINGORE, as F/Lt.


Very wet day. Parade for inspection at 1130 hours this morning. No flying all day.


Wet day. No flying.


Some practice flying. Sgt. WOOLLEY hit F/Lt. RICHARDSON’S machine over LINCOLN at 2,000 feet and was killed. Sgt. WILSON crashed night landing and is in hospital.


Some practice flying. Bright and cold.


Dull with some rain. Some practice flying.


Bright and mild. Some practice flying. With the greatest regret TONY BRUCE left 92 to be a F/Lt. in 54 Squadron.


Dull with heavy rain. No flying all morning. 411 Sqdn left DIGBY for HORNCHURCH today. 609 Sqdn arrived here from BIGGIN HILL.


S/Ldr. MILNE DFC & BAR returned to 92 today. Everyone was very pleased to see him back. Dull with rain. No flying all day. F/O. WIESE left 92 for GRAVESEND to be INTELLIGENCE OFFICER there to 72 Sqdn, after 18 months service as I.O. with 92.    


Brighter today. 609 Pilots have not yet arrived here nor have 411 pilots left owing    to weather conditions. P/O.WHITTAMORE and Sgt. TITMUS are going on a RHUBARB this afternoon over HOLLAND. This was cancelled owing to weather conditions. P/O. GIBBS reported for duty as I.O.    


Dull with low cloud. No flying all day.    


Brighter today. Quite a lot of practice flying during the day.    


Mild and reasonably clear. Some practice flying. Squadron Leader CHEATLE left 92 on leave.


Another mild day. Again practice flying took place most of the day.


S/Ldr. MILNE DFC. and BAR went to a medical board at HALTON. Only practice flying today.


News was received that W/CMDR. RANKIN DFC. and BAR has been awarded his DSO. Much satisfaction in 92. No operational flying, some practice flying took place. Clear day.



Clear and bright. Practice flying all day. S/Ldr. MILNE DFC. and BAR returned to duty from HALTON. A dance was hold by 92 tonight as a welcome to S/Ldr MILNE on his return to the squadron. It was a great show and all ranks had a very good time.


Damp and foggy. No flying possible. Squadron released.


Dull with heavy ground mist. No flying all day.


Cold and misty, some practice flying in the afternoon.


Cold and thick fog. No flying possible all morning. P/O’s DUNBAR and GORDON reported for duty from GRANGEMOUTH.


Dull with low cloud. Some base flying in the afternoon.


Flying again impossible owing to bad weather conditions. Rain and mist.


Clearer today. Conference at group today. Convoy patrol in the morning by one section.


Weather completely closed in. No flying at all.


Much brighter today, practice flying this morning. 2 sections on convoy patrol in the late afternoon.


Convoy patrols, two sections only this morning, and three sections wore sent to MANBY later in the morning, but returned before lunch without having to do anything. The weather very fine this norning, but deteriorated later in the afternoon.


Practice flying this morning. Released for games in the afternoon. P/O. JOHNSTON was welcomed back to the squadron today.


No flying this morning owing to weather, this improved in the afternoon and some practise flying was done. P/O. SAMOUELLE returned to the squadron today.


Weather improved, squadron has two sections at Readiness; one at fifteon minutes and one at thirty in the morning. Squadron released for practice flying in the afternoon when some air to ground firing was done.


Weather cleared a little today. Readiness this morning and at 60 minutes later. Sgt. GEE reported from 56 Squadron, and P/O.’s DUNBAR and GORDON have volunteered today for the MIDDLE EAST, they are both Canadians and have only recently been posted to us. Sgt. SIEFERT has been detailed as a reserve for the MIDDLE EAST.

13/12/41 to 16/12/41 Not in the Record but practice flying took place.


Readiness in the morning, weather still fine, released for games in the afternoon. P/O’s DUNBAR and GORDON leaving today for the EAST.


Squadron duty wing today, were brought to Readiness for a sweep, which was however cancelled. The weather is fine but hazy. Sgt. PAYNE RCAF, Sgt. WATSON RAAF, and Sgt. THOMPSON RAAF. arrived from 59 OTU today. Sgt’s FISH and PALMER have been detailed to C.F.S. DALCROSS.


Weather closed in, no flying possible. The C.O. returned to us today.


Weather unfit for flying, squadron released for games this afternoon.


Squadron at 60 minutes all the morning. ‘B’ Flight did some local formation flying. Weather cleared a little in the afternoon, remained at 30 minutes.


Weather hazy this morning, but cleared later. Squadron at readiness from 1300 hours. A scramble took place at 1500 hours which turned out to be a coastal command aircraft. Sgt. AHRENS was posted to 59 OTU. P/O. COCKER has been made Flight Commander of ‘A’ Flight, this

is a popular choice and we are all very glad in having a Flight Commander we know.


Convoy patrol in the morning, released for games in the afternoon. Weather improving.


Nothing to report, weather too bad for flying.


Squadron were brought to Readiness at 1300 hours.


Sections on convoy patrol this morning. Three sections were sent to MANBY, but were released later in the day. Transport sent to fetch Pilots from MANBY.


The squadron was withdrawn from the line at 1300 hours today.    


Nothing to report.    


A lot of speculation as to where we are going is the main topic these days.    


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

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