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92 (R) Squadron Reforms at RAF Waddington

Following an initiative by Wg Cdr John Sullivan who was OC Tactics & Training Wing, part of the Operations Division of the Headquarters Air Warfare Centre at RAF Waddington; the Air Force Board approved the reformation of one of its most historic Squadrons.  Accordingly, during the morning of 30 June 2009, a formal reformation ceremony was conducted in the Rotunda at College Hall Officers’ Mess (CHOM) where the Sqn Standard, which has been held for safe keeping since the Sqn disbanded in October 1994, was retrieved.


Although the Squadron is not a flying squadron, it is closely associated with the front line.
The mission of Tactics and Training Wing is to provide the front-line, Commanders and other external agencies with tactical and technical advice on the effective employment of all current and future weapons systems and front-line aircraft.

The Squadron provides advice to the front line in support of current operations. In addition to their own expertise, the specialist desk officers infuse the expert advice of Operational Analysts, Intelligence Agencies and their coalition partners to compliment their Tactical guidance.  The Squadron also provides Tactics manuals for all disciplines and plan and run Exercise Tactical Leadership Training (TLT) and Exercise Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor (CQWI); the capstone of UK air exercises.

The Wing is manned by 20 Subject Matter Experts (SME), drawn from a variety of platforms and backgrounds, split into 4 teams:

The counter land team covers Tornado GR, Harrier, air to ground weapons, attack and support helicopters.

The counter air and space team covers Typhoon, Tornado F3, ground based air defence and space operations.

The rapid global mobility team covers the entire gambit of transport, ISR and UAV operations.


The Tactics and Adversary Studies Element (TASE) is an Intelligence team that exists to study the enemy and his operations.  TASE interprets this knowledge to enable the front-line to train against a realistic threat simulation.

Today, based at RAF Waddington within the Air Warfare Centre building, the squadron is under the command of Wing Cdr. A Dickens. Although it has no aircraft, it is in the forefront of all of our current operations, most recently, the strategic operational planning, controlling and directing of all airborne operations over Libya. 

Simon Morris
27 June 2012

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