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This history of 92 Squadron is drawn from several sources, mainly from the squadron diaries and personal interviews with those who served on 92. The other sources are listed below.
David Shermer, World War 1, Octopus Books Ltd. ISBN 0-75370-034-4
Larry Forrester, Fly for your Life , Bob Stanford Tuck
Johnny Kent, One of the Few [commanded 92 at the end of the BoB]. 1971 ISBN 0-7183-0142-0
Norman Franks (ed.), The War Diaries of Neville Duke 1941-1944, Grub Street, 1995, ISBN 1-898697-16-7.
RAF - Fighter Command Losses Vol 1, 2 and 3. Norman LR Franck
RAF Fighter Command Victory Claims of WW2 - Vol 1 & 2 - J Foreman
Aces High - Christopher Shores & Clive Williams - Grub Street Publishing
Neville Duke, Test Pilot, 1956 [served in 92 post-BoB]. with Allan Wtchell  ISBN 0-948817-63-1

Air of Authority - A History of RAF Organisation - Air Marshal Coningham
Coningham: A Biography of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham
Orange, Vincent (1992). Coningham: a biography of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham. DIANE Publishing. ISBN 1428992804.
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Ottaway, Susan; Ottaway, Ian (2007). Fly With the Stars: British South American Airways - The Rise and Controversial Fall of a Long-Haul Trailblazer. Sutton Publishing. ISBN 9780750944489.
Above the Trenches: a Complete Record of the Fighter Aces and Units of the British Empire Air Forces 1915-1920. Christopher F. Shores, Norman L. R. Franks, Russell Guest. Grub Street, 1990. ISBN 0-948817-19-4.

Graham Wallace, RAF Biggin Hill.
Bob Ogley, Ghosts of Biggin Hill,   Kent at War
Arthur Reed,  BAC Lightning. Ian Allen, 1980 ISBN 0-7110-0988-0
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Alfred price, The Spitfire Story, 2000 Silverdale Books ISBN 1-85605-702-X 
Patrick Bishop, Fighter Boys, 2003, ISBN 0-00-2573169-2,
Tony Bartley DFC, Smoke Trails in the Sky, Crecy, 1997, ISBN 0-947554-63-7
Max Avery with C. Shores, Spitfire Leader [The story of Evan Mackie, CO 92 Squadron in Italy], Grub Street 1999.
Stewart A Scott, English Electric Lightning, ISBN 1-870384-78-4
Peter Caygill, The Darlington Spitfire, Airlife 1999 [on a presentation Spitfire that served with 92 amongst other squadrons].
Peter Caygill, Spitfire MkV in Action, Airlife
Geoffrey Wellum, First Light, Penguin, 2003, ISBN 0-141-00814-8.
Michael Robinson, Best of the Few - 92 Squadron 1939-1940, ISBN 0-9540674-0-1
Brian Kingcome, A Willingness to Die, The History Press, 2006, ISBN 0-7524-4024-1

Simon Pearson, The Great Escaper Pearson, Hodder & Stoughton (August 15, 2013)


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