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Edward Gordon Brettell

Born: 19 March 1915
Joined 92: 3 March 1941
Left 92: 17 August 1941
Murdered: 29 March 1944

Gordon Brettell recovered from his injuries but was court martialled later in 1941 for flying from Tangmere with a blonde on his lap.
Brettell, though British, was later the first Commanding Officer of 133 Eagle Squadron and it was from a disastrous mission that Brettell led, on 26 September 1942, that none of the squadron returned. His fate and that of the others in the formation are listed below:
Spitfire IX's
BS313 - "MD-A" - F/Lt. Edward G. Brettel DFC ( RAF with the Americans) POW Shot after the "Great Escape".
BS140 - P/O(1Lt) Gene P. Neville - KIA.
BS447 - P/O(2Lt) Robert E. Smith - evader/returned.
BS446 - P/O(1Lt) William H. Baker jr - KIA.
BR640 - "MD-V" - P/O(Capt) Charles A. Cook - POW.
BS279 - F/Lt(Capt) Marion E. Jackson - POW.
BS301 - P/O(1Lt) George N(H ?). Middleton - POW.
BS275 - P/O(1Lt) Leonard T. Ryerson - KIA.
BS294 - P/O(1Lt) Dennis D. Smith - evader/returned (other refs give BS137).
BS137 - P/O. E. D. Beattie - crash landed in Cornwall - pilot injured, a/c written off in 1944.
BR638 - F/O(1Lt) George B. Sperry - POW.
BS138 - P/O(1Lt) Gil P. Wright - POW (not sure if Gil P or Gil G ?).

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