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In January 1977 No 92 (Designate) Squadron had begun training as a McDonnell Douglas Phantom air defence unit at RAF Wildenrath and on 1 April 1977 this unit formally adopted the 92 numberplate.


Here are some snippets from former RAF F4 strike/attack and AD pilots.


“I was on 92 Sqn AD when Chris Rounce and Chris Meade were killed in XV483 in July 1978. I'd flown the previous sortie in the aircraft, bringing it back from a detachment at Aalborg with Dave Bennett three days before. They were on a low-level CAP sortie and whilst manoeuvring with some bandits Chris Rounce got into the classic F4 coffin corner - low, slow and descending - with almost inevitable results. 

I hope that the above is of interest. The F4 was criticised by some for poor handling but if you knew what you were doing and took notice of what the aircraft was telling you it was a magnificent piece of kit to fly. I flew 2,500 hours in it and loved every one. It was a far more enjoyable mount than the Tornado F3 that I flew later.”

Dave Hunt


On 11 Jul 80, XV418 crashed near Diepholz, not far from where the only Lightning Mk 2A (“November” XN 772) had crashed on 28 Jan 71 . Flt Lt Richard Andrew John Mott and Flt Lt Ian Michael Johnson were both killed.

“The aircraft dived into ground during filming sortie for a "Man Alive" programme. The crew of this aircraft were asked to fly the filming sortie after various things led to other crews withdrawing. Unfortunately they were probably not best prepared for the task and whilst formatting on the camera aircraft, control was lost but neither crew member was able to escape. I remember seeing the programme. They appeared to attempt a 270 degree roll under the camera aircraft and the nose got too low.”


Graham McKay


By 27 July 1990 the Squadron Standard was 25 years old and due to be replaced. A parade was held for the presentation of the new standard and the old one, still in perfect condition, was laid up. It is now kept in the chapel at Biggin Hill. The new standard was probably ordered back in 1988 before anyone had any idea that the Berlin wall would come down, signalling the end of the RAF in Germany and the disbandment of 92 squadron only one year after receiving the new standard. 


The squadron disbanded on 5 July 1991. 


I would be grateful if anyone reading this, who can recollect anything about their time on the squadron could send me their contribution.

I also need the exact dates of the officers Commanding 92 from January 1977 onwards.

Please drop any anecdotes and photos in an e-mail to Simon Morris:

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