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Part 3:  1 August 1940 to 31 December 1940


1.8.40 Bright clear weather continues.  One or two patrols were made without any enemy A/C being seen by our pilots.  The nightly air raid warning was sounded at 23.20 hrs.

2.8.40 Good weather with some heat today.  A new Spitfire was delivered today from Turnhill.  Usual patrols over the coast during the day.  Night flying.

3.8.40 More heat with clear sky.  P/O Watling returned from O.T.U. Aston Down.  He has now done 20 hours on spitfires and is operational days.  Another Air Raid last night.

4.8.40 Beautiful day.  Bombs were dropped each side of the Station last night.  Some at Kidwelly and others close to the powder factory. Patrols took place along the coast during the day.  No E/A/C were encountered.  Night flying as usual.

5.8.40 Change in the weather today.  Low clouds.  Very little activity today.  Cooler towards the evening with slight rain.  Raid at 2.30.  No bombs were dropped.

6.8.40 Clear sky and settled conditions again today.  The usual patrols were out but there was nothing to report.  No warning was given during the night.

7.8.40 The good weather continues.  A few patrols were ordered out during the day but nothing was seen.  Night flying as usual.

8.8.40 Nothing to report today.  The weather was dull with cloud.  An Air Raid warning was sounded at 23.30.  A Section was sent up above the clouds.

9.8.40 Dull with high wind.  Some patrols were made during the day.  Low clouds and some rain the evening and more rain during the night.

10.8.40 high wind and clouds.  Nothing to report today as no patrols were called for.  Bright moonlight night warning at 2300 hrs.

11.8.40 Beautiful day with bright sun.  Nine Spitfires took off during the morning but returned without contacting enemy A/C.  Night flying in moonlight.  Rain warning sounded as usual at 2300 hrs.

12.8.40 Bright and clear today.  No activity in the air today.  A few sections took off in the morning without any result.  Clear night.  Usual warning about midnight.

13.8.40 Dull with clouds.  Several patrols were ordered up during the day.  Eleven Spitfires left here at 1545 hrs. Blue Section, Ft/Lieut Tuck, P/O Watling and Sgt Havercroft contacted a JU88 over the sea which they brought down between them.  They all returned here by 1835 hrs.  Low clouds in the evening.  Three warnings were given during the night.

14.8.40 The weather remains good with clear skies.  A patrol lead by Ft/Lieut Tuck brought down a JU88 this evening.  P/O Watling and Sgt Havercroft shared in the honour.

15.8.40 Another clear day with some heat.  Several patrols went off during the day without contacting any enemy A/C.  At about 1900 hrs however a section consisting of Ft/Lieut Tuck, P/O Watling and Sgt Havercroft contacted three JU88s and Ft/Lieut Tuck brought down two of them.  These were later confirmed.  P/O Williams and P/O Wright also brought down a He.III with another He.III unconfirmed.

16.8.40 Dull with low clouds.  Several bombs were dropped last night within a few miles of the station.  No damage was done.  A few patrols were made today without anything to report.

17.8.40 Very warm day with clear sky.  A few patrols went up.  It was decided to move one flight to Bibury tomorrow by air.  “A” Flight is to go  under Ft/Lieut Kingcome.  They are to become operational at Bibury at 1500 hrs tomorrow.

18.8.40 Dull with mist which cleared during the morning.  “A” Flight left for Bibury in three transport A/C.  The first two leaving at 1100 hrs the third was u/s and the remainder of the party went by road in the evening.  A message was received from Ops Northolt that Flt/Lieut Tuck had brought down a JU88 at Tonbridge on his way home from Brooklands.  His Spitfire had been badly shot up and was almost out of control so he baled out and landed safely.  He is now at Northolt unhurt.

19.8.40 The weather remains fine.  Slight cloud and a high wind.  Pembroke Docks were bombed this afternoon and several oil tanks set on fire.  During the night three warnings were sounded in Pembrey.

20.8.40 Clear weather with strong wind.  A report has been received from P/O Wade of yesterday date.  At about 1500 hrs yesterday the landing field at Bibury was bombed and machine gunned by a JU88.  Considerable damage was done to one Spitfire and others were hit.  One Airman on defence duty was killed by machine gun fire.  Yellow Section took off at once led by F/O Paterson.  They chased the JU88 south and caught up with it in the Solent.  Both F/O Paterson and P/O Wade attacked it and brought it down into the sea.  P/O Wade had difficulty in getting back over the land on account of his engine which had been hit.  He eventually forced landed with wheels up in a (sandel?) field.  His engine by that time was on fire and after he had got clear it exploded.

21.8.40 The weather continued fine with rather a high wind.  Nothing to report as regards enemy action today in this area.

22.8.40 Dull with low clouds, slightly colder.  One or two patrols went off without seeing any enemy A/C.  Rain fell in the afternoon and the clouds came very low.  No air Raid warnings have been sounded at night for several nights.  No night flying tonight.

23.8.40 Dull with some rain, much cooler.  An alarm was sounded at 1045 this morning and the whole stations took cover for about half an hour.  All personnel of 92 Squadron went to the shelters in a matter of minutes when the alarm was sounded.

24.8.40 Brighter today with some heat.  Another alarm was sounded during the morning.  No enemy A/C were seen by our pilots on the patrols.

25.8.40 Beautiful day with clear sky.  Fl/Lt tuck brought down a Do17 or 215 off St Gowans Head.  It was seen to crash into the sea at about 1800 hours.  Fl/Lt Tuck himself was damaged and had to lad in a field.  He was slightly injured in the leg.

26.8.40 Another clear day not much activity in the air all day.  Several patrols were made.

27.8.40 Slight cloud today. “A” Flight is now here and “B” Flight is at Bibury.  Ft/Lt Tuck is U/S for flying for 3 days, not much activity today to report from our patrols.

28.8.40 A few patrols were made by 92 today but no enemy A/C were seen.  The weather is clear and bright.

29.8.40 A report has been received from Bibury that P/O Hargreaves lost his way last night when night flying and crashed landed at Martlesham Heath.  He was uninjured but the A/C was badly damaged.

Several patrols were made today but no contact was made with any enemy A/C.  Fl/Lt Tuck has returned to Pembrey and was seen by the MO today.  He has to be medically boarded tomorrow as he is suffering from minor injuries sustained in his crash last Sunday.

30.8.40 Good weather continues and much enemy activity continues along this coast at night.  P/O Wright shot down an enemy A/C last night while he was on patrol from Bibury.

31.8.40 Another bright clear day.  Sgt Havercroft crashed on landing at Bibury last night owing to ground mist.  The machine was badly damaged but he was unhurt.  More raids were carried out last night on this coast by enemy A/C, no bombs were actually dropped near the Station.


1.9.40 Hot cloudless day.  Not much activity during the day.  One patrol in the evening but nothing was seen.

2.9.40 The weather continues hot and dry, but clouded over for night flying.  Nothing to report.  ‘A’ Flight came back from Bibury. 
3.9.40 Weather still warm and fine.  Not much enemy activity.

4.9.40 New arrangement started. ‘A’ flight doing night flying for one week, and ‘B’ Flight all day flying.  A few patrols were made but nothing was seen.  F/Lt Green visited the Squadron whilst on sick leave.  He had been wounded in the Dunkirk operations on 23 May.

5.9.40 Cloudy and dull most of the morning, but cleared up later on.  There was one patrol but nothing was seen.  Very quiet during the night.

6.9.40 Beautifully fine weather continues.  Three sorties in the morning but nothing was seen.  Slight enemy activity during the evening.  The nightly alarm was sounded outside the camp.

7.9.40 Clouds at 2000 feet but otherwise very clear.  Another patrol was ordered but again nothing was seen.  Usual warnings at night.  Camp siren not sounded though.

8.9.40 ‘A’ and ‘B’ flights moved to Biggin Hill today.  Personnel and equipment moved by air transport  Duty – relieving other squadrons at Biggin Hill.  Indication of ore action greatly welcomed by the Squadron.  Weather was fair, heavy clouds and strong SE wind.

Biggin Hill

9.9.40 Fair cloudy weather.  First activity not until late afternoon when Squadron intercepted ME.109s close to Aerodrome.  S/Ldr Sanders – 1HE 111 and 1 ME 109 probable.  Fl/Lt Kingcome one ME 109 probable.  P/O Saunders and P/O Watling wounded in combat with 7 ME 109s.  P/O Wright’s machine was badly shot up, but Pilot escaped unhurt.  On another patrol no luck.

10.9.40 Cloud at 5000 feet.  No patrols in the morning.  After 1500 hours two patrols in quick succession.  One DO 17 and one ME 110 destroyed.  Enemy activity at night continues.  A.A. barrage is terrific, like bursts of machine gun fire sometimes it is so intensive.  Squadron personnel acclimatising to this barrage at night and managing to get some rest.

11.9.40 Cloudy day.  A large formation of bombers with fighter escort was intercepted by the Squadron between Dungeness Rye London at 20-25000 feet.  Seven E/A destroyed.  P/O Edwards and P/O Hargreaves Missing, usual night activity.

12.9.40 Very cloudy in the morning.  No enemy activity today.  A few patrols were made but nothing was seen.  Night raiders still continue to drop bombs all around the Aerodrome but not on the aerodrome.  Golf links very adjacent seem to suffer most.

13.9.40 Low cloud all morning cleared partially in the afternoon.  No activity by Squadron Reainder of personnel arrived this afternoon from Pembrey.  A.A. Barrage still heavy.

14.9.40 Much cloud during the day.  An attack was attempted in the evening.  92 Squadron engaged the enemy and damaged several ME 109s.  None confirmed.  Road convoy arrived today.  F/O McGowan had to abandon aircraft through enemy action and was wounded.  Sgt. Mann also.

15.9.40 Weather fair but fine.  Enemy intercepted at midday, Canterbury Maidstone area.  S/Ldr Sanders destroyed a DO 17 and many more were damaged including fighters.  Another large formation intercepted at 1430 hours and two HE 111 definately destroyed besides many others damaged mostly bombers.  P/O Holland forced to abandon aircraft slightly injured on landing and admitted to EMS East Grinstead.  Night activity continues. South Camp appears to be immune from bombing, perhaps London main objective of enemy.

16.9.40 Cloudy but fine day.  Squadron patrolled coast and intercepted small enemy patrols over coast.  No results or combats.

17.9.40 Bad weather today.  No activity during the morning..  A patrol in the afternoon but it was not successful.  Bad weather did not deter enemy from usual night activity. 

18.9.40 weather fine, with patches of cloud about 5000 feet, but clear above.  Squadron took off at 0915 hours on patrol.  Enemy intercepted and DO 17 was confirmed by P/O Bartley.  Squadron again on patrol at 1555 hours with 66 Squadron.  Enemy was intercepted two HE 111 were destroyed by Fl/Lt Kingcome and 1 JU 88 by P/O Hill.  P/O Mottram injured.  P/O’s Bartley and Pattinson forced landed but were unhurt.  Squadron still giving good account of itself.  Enemy activity at night continues.

19.9.40 Weather fine with broken cloud continued all day.  Two A/c took off to intercept enemy over base.  JU 88 seen and intercepted.  Although lost in cloud several times e/a was seen flying over Dover with Smoke pouring from both engines and tail.  No further activity today.  Night raiders still pass over the Aerodrome each night on way to London.  A.A barrage seems most effective.

20.9.40 Weather fine, but layers of cloud from 4 – 9000 feet.  Ten aircraft took off in the am and intercepted formation of ME 109s who surprised Blue section from behind and above.  P/O Hill crashed and burnt out in Dover area and Sgt Eyles crashed into sea.  Sq/Ldr Sanders destroyed a ME 109 and another was damaged by P/O Wade.

21.9.40 Weather fine, still plenty of cloud and wind.  Enemy attacks are made with large escorts of fighters.  Squadron attacked and suffered one aircraft badly shot up.  Bombers forced to turn back.  Everybody now acclimatised to heavy A.A fire at night.

22.9.40 Ten tenths cloud with wind and rain.  A typical autumn day.  No machines left the ground at all during the day.  Weather in channel must have been terrific and not at all good for the supposed invasion attempt.  An air of expectation hung about the camp today.  Pilots were undoubtedly glad of this little break afforded by the dismal weather.

23.9.40 Weather fine with cumulus cloud.  Squadron took off at 0923 hrs to patrol Gravesend and intercepted enemy over Tonbridge Area.  Two ME 109s were confirmed.  P/O Pattinson managed to land aircraft with severe thigh wound and was admitted to Preston Hall Hospital Maidstone.  No further combats during the day.  A clear night was made use of by the enemy for bombing in and around London.

24.9.40 Weather still fine.  Early interception was made over Rochford Area at 0845 hours. Sgt Fokes made a JU 88 turnover on its back but not seeing it crash it was classed as a probable.  Several other aircraft were damaged including two ME 109s.  P/O Bryson a much liked Canadian was shot down and crashed at North Weald.  He had last been seen diving into a large formation of ME 109s.  Sgt. Ellis crash landed at Gravesend but was unhurt.  S/Ldr Lister who was posted to us on the 20th for supernumerary duties was wounded in the wrist and legs.  He brought his aircraft back to Biggin Hill where he was at once admitted to hospital.  Usual night activity around the aerodrome.  Ten of our aircraft acted as a covering screen to bombers going to France.

25.9.40 Weather still fine and clear.  Squadron proceeded to Hawkinge for day period but although enemy aircraft were seen no interceptions were made.  Nothing further to report.  P/O Pattinson placed on dangerously ill list.

26.9.40 Weather fine and haze first thing, but large cloud came up later.  Green section intercepted two Dorniers.  Section Leader P/O Wright attacked both aircraft one of which was confirmed by observer corps at Hailsham.  Nothing further to report today.

27.9.40 S/Ldr Machachlan posted to Comma D today.  S/Ldr Sanders non-effective burns on hand.  Weather fine with high clouds.  Ideal for fighters.  First ‘Scramble’ came about 0900 hours.  92 Squadron along with 72 Squadron sent to intercept large formations of fighters and bombers.  We attacked bombers – DO 17s and HE 111 before enemy fighter escort could reach them.  3 Bombers were destroyed, one ME 109 destroyed and a probable DO 17 with other bombers damaged.  We lost A/F/Lt Paterson and F/Sgt Sydney two experienced pilots, in this combat which took place over a wide area.  Ten spitfires took off a 1145 hours to join with two other squadrons over Base.  One of our pilots ‘weaving’ saw several ME 109s and attacked one which was badly damaged.  In the third sortie of the day eleven spitfires took off at 1445 hours.  20 JU 88s were intercepted, 13 of these were destroyed and ME 109 damaged.  Fighter escort of ME 109s too late to stop our aircraft from splitting bomber formation up.  Sgt Oldfield was killed during this combat.  P/O Wright appointed Acting Flight Lieutenant.

28.9.40 Weather fine and clear.  No interceptions today after the heavy losses that were inflicted by us yesterday.  Two patrols were made and on the latter several ME 109s were seen but quickly turned tail when they saw us.  Enemy activity confined to night attacks, London being the main objective.

29.9.40 Weather fine and cloudy.  A DO 17 was intercepted between Maidstone and Canterbury by P/O Williams who badly damaged it, but as DO 17 spiralled into heavy cloud he was unable to see the full result of his attack.  Nothing else to report.  Night activity of course.

30.9.40 Weather fine but lots of cloud – about 8/10th at 4 – 7000 feet.  First action came at lunch time.  The Squadron took off and joined 72 and 66 over Base and made for Maidstone.  One formation of ME 109 were passed, but as the main objective – bombers – was then not seen they attacked the ME 109s.  During the combat several DO 215s were sighted and some Hurricanes and Spitfires intercepted them.  Result 1 DO 215 probable 2 ME 109s probable and 2 damaged.  Activity at night continues.  In a sortie about 1630 hours A/F/Lt Wright was wounded by pieces of explosive cannon shell and is in Shortland Hospital Shoreham, with thigh wounds.  However he destroyed one ME 109 which he followed until it fell into the sea.  Squadron has given good account of itself since being at Biggin Hill.  Pilots disperse themselves at night in houses several miles from the Aerodrome.

Biggin Hill

October 1st The weather is clear and bright.  Four sorties were made today and although several ME 109s were seen no interceptions took place by our Squadron.  P/O Maitland Thompson arrived as a new posting to this Unit.  Fl.Lt Green reported for duty.

2.10.40 Another clear day.  S/L MacLauchlan took over the command of 92 Squadron and P/O Land reported for duty.  Sgt. E Monttron also reported for flying duties from the Free French Air Force.  92 Squadron pilots are now sleeping out of camp at Southwood two miles from Biggin Hill.  This beautiful house has been lent by Captain McNair Scott.  5 sorties no interception today.

3.10.40 Low clouds and heavy rain.  Very little flying was done today as the clouds were low all day.  Occasional enemy A/C were heard above and in the clouds.

4.10.40 A sortie was made about 1100 hrs but owing to clouds no enemy /C were contacted.  On a later sortie at 1300 hrs P/O William fired at a Dornier but it went into cloud and he was unable to know the result of his attack.

5.10.40 Clouded and dull.  Several sorties were made during the day.  F/O Drummond shot down a ME109 and a HE126.  P/O Lund got a possible ME109.  Much night activity by E/A Heavy AA fire all night.

6.10.40 Very stormy weather with high wind and rain.  Some bombs were dropped on the aerodrome today without doing much harm.  No flying was possible owing to the low clouds.  Fl/Lt Green to command special flight to Gravesend. 

7.10.40 Clear and bright today.  Two sorties were made during the morning but no enemy A/C were intercepted by this Squadron.

8.10.40 Fl. Lt. Kingcome and P/O Bartley awarded the DFC.  Weather this morning exceptionally clear but rain came in about 1100 hrs and continued in showers and drizzle all day

9.10.40 S/Ldr Tuck who was with the Squadron as Flight Commander has been awarded Bar to his DFC and is now in command of 257 Squadron.  Weather fine – heavy clouds and strong wind, gale force.

10.10.40 AT 08.30 today P/O Williams and F/O Drummond were attacking a Dornier of Tangmere and they collided.  Both of them were killed.  This is the birthday of 92nd Squadron which was formed a year ago today and Tangmere. Clear weather.  Several sorties were made during the day.

11.10.40 Another clear day.  Several sorties were made during the day.  Fl. Lt. Kingcome brought down a ME109 in the afternoon.  P/O Pattinson was posted to 92 from 64 and reported for duty. 

12.10.40 A very big day for 92.  S/L Tuck went up with his old Squadron in the morning and shot down a 109, this being his 20th machine.  In the afternoon the Squadron brought down another three 109’s.  The three pilots concerned were Fl.Lt Kingcome, P/O Wade and Sgt. Kingaby.  Several other probables were scored.  P/O Pattinson was shot down on his first patrol and his body was recovered at Hawkinge. 

13.10.40 Several patrols took place, the weather was clear and bright.

14.10.40 Clear weather, several sorties .

15.10.40 Fl. Lt. Kingcome was wounded and bailed out.  Now in the Royal Naval Hospital, Chatham. 

16.10.40 Clear day.  72 Squadron left Biggin Hill and was replaced by 74.  Contact with enemy was made today and P/O Lund was shot down into the sea and has been rescued by the RN.

17.10.40 Several sorties were made but no contact with the enemy were made.

18.10.40 Dull & wet with low clouds with no flying all day.

19.10.40 Dull in the morning but the sun came out after lunch.
92 called to readiness at 13.30

20.10.40 Better day today.  Three sorties were made and Fl.Lt Villa and P/O Saunders shared with 66 Squadron in bringing down a ME110. 

21.10.40 Dull with heavy rain.  Very little flying today.  Cleared during the afternoon when two sorties were made without contacting any enemy aircraft.

22.10.40 Bright sun and clear sky no sortie had been made up till 10.30, very small enemy activity today.

23.10.40 Dull with low cloud.  No flying took place and no enemy A/C were seen. 

24.10.40 Brighter today.  Several patrols were made and interception with ME109s.  No enemy machines were shot down, we had no losses.

25.10.40 Bright and clear.  Several patrols today.  Two ME109s shot down by Fl.Lt. Villa and P/O Sherrington.  Another probable by Fl.Lt Villa.

26.10.40 Dull with low clouds.  92 at dawn readiness.  Colder today.  P/O Watling returned to duty from sick leave.  Squadron Leader Kent reported and took command of 92.

27.10.40 Clear this morning.  P/O Sherrington attacked a DO17 aircraft scored a probable.  Clouded over in the afternoon which prevented flying owing to ground mist.  Squadron was sent off at 17.30 and had to land at Gravesend owing to mist.

28.10.40 Squadron returned from Gravesend at noon.  Several sorties but no enemy A/C encountered.

29.10.40 Bright and clear.  Squadron had several sorties this morning.  Two Spitfires were damaged through a taxiing accident.  Sgt. Morris and Sgt. Kingaby.  This afternoon the Squadron contacted several ME110’s and the following result. 
3 confirmed shot down, One probably and one damaged.  The 3 confirmed were shot down by Fl.Lt. Villa, P/O Saunders and Sgt. Bowen-Morris.  A great day for 92.

30.10.40 Dull day today with cloud.  Two sorties were made in the afternoon but no enemy A/C were encountered.

31.10.40 Dull with low cloud.


1.11.40 Bright and clear several sorties were made and in the afternoon 92 shot down 3 109s, 1 JU88 and 1 JU88.  A grand days score.  They were shot down as follows.  Sq/Ld Kent 1 – 109, Sgt Kingaby 1 – 109. P/O Bartley, Sgt Monttron and Ft.Lt Holland shared another 109.  P/O Saunders shot down 1 JU87 and P/O Kinder 1 – JU 88.

2.11.40 Another good day for 92.  The C.O shot down 2 – 109s and one probable.  P/O Watling shot


1.11.40 Bright and clear several sorties were made and in the afternoon 92 shot down 3 109s, 1 JU88 and 1 JU88.  A grand days score.  They were shot down as follows.  Sq/Ld Kent 1 – 109, Sgt Kingaby 1 – 109. P/O Bartley, Sgt Monttron and Ft.Lt Holland shared another 109.  P/O Saunders shot down 1 JU87 and P/O Kinder 1 – JU 88.

2.11.40 Another good day for 92.  The C.O shot down 2 – 109s and one probable.  P/O Watling shot down 1 – 109 and Flt Lt Holland did the same.  P/O Wellum damaged two other 109s.  The weather clouded over in the afternoon and there was no more flying.

3.11.40 Dull with low cloud no flying all day.  Heavy rain.

4.11.40 Another dull wet day.  No flying at all, all day.

5.11.40 Bright and clear today.  Several sorties were made by 92.  In the afternoon durig a combat with 109s P/O Bartley shot down a 109.  Sgt Ellis forced landed at Gravesend badly shot up.  He was unhurt but the machine was Cat II.

6.11.40 Dull with rain in the morning.  Very little flying all day.  No enemy encountered on two sorties. 

7.11.40 Bright and clear today.  Several sorties made today but no combat was experienced.  No 66 Squadron arrived here as their aerodrome was water logged.  421 Flight (Spotter) is also coming here.  It is commanded by Fl/Lt Green late of 92 Squadron.

8.11.40 Bright and clar.  First sortie at 10.30.  Several other sorties were made but no enemy A/C were encountered.

9.11.40 Dull today cloud from 10,000 to 20,000.  Several sorties took off.  Sgt Folkes D.F.M. and Sgt de Monttron shot down a JU88 into the sea at 10.30 this morning not much flying in the afternoon, owing to bad weather.

10.11.40 Mist in the early morning but clear by 10.00 hrs.  Last night was noisy with much night raiding.  Two sorties were made today but no enemy A/C were encountered.  During the evening several bombs were dropped at the Dispersal Points and one Spitfire belonging to 92 was burned and three others rendered U.S.  66 Squadron lost two burned out and five damaged with bomb splinters.  Fortunately no casualties were caused in either Squadron.

11.11.40 Clear this morning with frost.  One sortie was made by 74 Squadron but 92 did not go up.  Clouds came down low and rain fell at lunch time.  No more flying took place in the afternoon.

12.11.40 Two sorties were made today but no enemy A/C were encountered.  Clear sky in the morning but dull later in the day.

13.11.40 Dull today.  During a sortie this morning a D.O.17  was set on fire by Ft/Lt Holland and Sgt Havercroft but it was lost in the clouds and was not seen to crash.

14.11.40 Not much flying owing to low clouds.  No action with the enemy.

15.11.40 Two sorties today with splendid results.  Sgt Kingaby shot down four ME 109s confirmed.  Fl/Lt Villa and Sgt Fokes shot down one ME109 each and P/O Bartley and Fl/Lt Holland damaged another.  Sq.Ld Kent went on seven days leave.

16.11.40 Very little flying on account of heavy rain all day.

17.11.40 Several sorties today.  92 got three probable and two damaged but none confirmed.  Bright in the morning but dull again with rain towards evening.

18.11.40 Dull today.  No flying at all all morning.  Two sorties in the afternoon but no contact with enemy was made. 

19.11.40 No flying took place owing to bad weather.  Very low cloud.  Slight activity in the early evening.

20.11.40 Very wet day.  No flying took place.  Slight activity at night but the weather was very bad all night.

21.11.40 Another wet day with low clouds 92 did not take off at all, all day.  Very little bombing at night owing to the bad weather.

22.11.40 Low clouds and rain again.  No flying at all, all day.

23.11.40 Clear today.  Several ME109s came over about 10,000 but 92 was not sent up as 66 and 74 Squadrons were on readiness.  Further sorties were made during the day without any contact with the enemy being made by 92.

24.11.40 Bright and clear.  A sortie was made by 92 before breakfast but nothing was seen.  Two more sorties were made but no enemy A/C were encountered.

25.11.40 Dull with low clouds in the morning.  Two sorties in the afternoon without results.  P/O McGowan returned to Biggin Hill after sick leave.

26.11.40 Clear with high clouds.  During a patrol this morning P/O Wade shot at a Dornier in a cloud but did not see any result except for a patch of oil on the sea near the coast.  No further flying in the afternoon.

27.11.40 Several sorties were made today but no enemy A/C were encountered.  Clear and bright.

28.11.40 Clear and bright with frost.  Several sorties were made.  Contact was made with some 109s and P/O Mottram scored a probable.  Owing to ground mist the Squadron had to land at Gravesend and were held there till about 5pm when they returned to Biggin Hill.

29.11.40 Bright and clear today.  92 was at readiness at dawn.  Very little flying took place owing to heavy ground mist.  Biggin Hill scored its 600th E/A shot down today.

30.11.40 Bright with frost.  Heavy ground mist.  Two sorties were made in the afternoon without contacting any E/A.

Biggin Hill

1.12.40 Bright and clear.  In the afternoon 92 was in combat on the south coast with the following splendid result.  4 ME109s destroyed, two probables and six others damaged.  The destroyed 109s were shot down by Fl.Lt Villa, P/O Saunders, Sgt Kingaby, P/O Mansell Jarvis.  A very satisfactory day for 92.

2.12.40 Another clear frosty day.  P/O Wade shot down a 109 near the French coast.  Several sorties were made during the day.

3.12.40 Dull today not much activity, only section sorties were made without contact with E/A.

4.12.40 Dull in the morning.  92 was on dawn readiness but did not go up all morning.  One sortie was made without any contact being made with E/A.

5.12.40 Bright and clear during the morning.  92 went on readiness at 1300 hrs.  Patrol was made in the afternoon.  F/O Wright scored one probable 109 and Sgt. (now P/O) Fokes shot down a 109 into the sea.  Sgt Fokes who has been with 92 since last March and has already been awarded with the D.F.M. was commissioned as a P/O yesterday.  Every effort will be made to retain him as a pilot in 92.

6.12.40 Cloudy with high wind.  The usual patrol was made in the afternoon but no contact with E/A was made.

7.12.40 Bright and clear.  No flying in the morning but a patrol was made in the afternoon.  After this patrol took off a ground mist came up and this caused five of the Squadron to land at Croydon and two others to force land.  Sgt Le Cheminant crashed forced landing and his machine was Catt III.

8.11.40 Bright and clear.  A standing patrol was made in the morning but no contact was made with enemy machines.  An early warning and much activity during the night in London area.

9.12.40 Clear weather with some high patchy cloud.  A patrol was made this afternoon without any results.  Quiet night.

10.12.40 Bright and clear.  A patrol took off at 1100 this morning but no E/A were encountered.  No further patrols by 92 during the day.

11.12.40 Bright and clear again  92 was on 15 minutes at dawn.  Heavy mist made flying difficult but a patrol was made in the afternoon.

12.12.40 Another bright clear day.  The usual patrol took place but no E/A were seen.  Not much activity during the night owing to fog.

13.12.40 Hard frost and ground mist.  No flying possible this morning.  A short patrol was made in the afternoon.

14.12.40 Bright and clear.  No activity at all, all morning.  92 were on readiness at dawn till 1300 hrs.

15.12.40 Bright and clear again today but a mist on the ground caused little flying to take place.  No enemy raid all day.

16.12.40 Dull with low cloud.  No flying in the morning. A ground mist prevented flying all day.

17.12.40 Nothing to report again today as no flying took place owing to weather conditions.  Bright sky but a low ground mist.

18.12.40 Bright again with the usual ground mist.  A patrol was made in the afternoon but no E/A  were encountered.

19.12.40 Heavy mist and no flying possible all day.

20.12.40 Very wet day with low clouds.  No flying possible today.  The Squadron was released at 1300.

21.12.40 Bright and frosty.  A patrol took off in the afternoon and at 1000 foot over the channel they encountered two 109s.  P/O Fokes who was leading along with Sgt Kingaby shot down one 109 into the sea but the other got away.

22.12.40 Dull and cold.  Ground mist.  92 on readiness at dawn.  No flying possible owing to bad weather conditions.

23.12.40 The same conditions prevail today and no flying took place.  Sq.Ld Kent of 92 broadcasted to Canada today from the B.B.C. Ft/Lt Kingcome was posted back to 92 after being N/E for nearly two months.  Snow fell in the evening.

24.12.40 Slight snow on the ground.  Cold and dull with low cloud.  No flying possible.

25.12.40 Christmas Day.  Dull with low clouds and ground mist all day.  No flying took place all day.

26.12.40 Another day with low cloud and ground mist.  Flying impossible.

27.12.40 Clearer today.  The first offensive patrol was carried out today by 92.  F/O Wright and P/O Mottram took off at 1250 hours.  They went N. & S. of Abbeville.  F/O Wright did not see anything and did not fire his guns.  He landed at Southampton to refuel and returned to Biggin Hill.  He was roughly over French territory for 40 minutes.  P/O Mottram shot up a staff car and a convoy of army lorries on the road.  Two lorries were seen to be damaged.  He landed at Hawkinge and was unable to return to Biggin Hill owing to weather conditions.

28.12.40 Dull with heavy ground mist.  P/O Mottram returned from Hawkinge during the day.  No patrols took place owing to the bad weather conditions.

29.12.40 Bright and clear this morning.  A convoy patrol was made by 92 in the afternoon.  No enemy aircraft were encountered.

30.12.40 Dull with rain.  No flying took place today at Biggin Hill.

31.12.40 Dull with low cloud.  No flying possible today.  Instructions were received for 92 Squadron to move to Manston on the 1st January 1941.

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