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Sirius Safety Equipment



Dinghy/Life raft
One automatic inflation life jacket
Five self inflating life jackets
Four location lights with seawater batteries
Three normal life jackets D of T approved
Four safety harnesses (one double)
Two life belts with lights and throwing lines.
Amber Strobe light
Four hand held red
Two orange smoke
Four parachute
Very pistol with cartridges
EPIRB 121.5 MHz
AIS and radar reflector
One set spare navigation lights
Fog horn
Grab bag with spare GPS, handheld VHF, phone, spare batteries, poncho capes, sun block
Two first Aid Kits
Two torches
Emergency Tiller in heads pin in lower middle drawer
Softwood bungs at all sea cocks and in drawer.
Ear defenders & ear plugs
Safety goggles (dark & clear)
Three Fire Extinguishers in, Engine room, Galley, Entry hatch, Starboard side.

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