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Sirius sits in a shipyard in                     Phuket

Sirius was damaged in a storm in early 2021 and after a few months of neglect she went down in 5 metres of water. The "caretaker" managed to refloat her and had her towed to a shipyard where she was hauled out. He signed a contract to pay the shipyard but had no intention of paying the fees.

IIn 2003 I launched a Go Fund Me appeal to pay the arrears and get the repairs done, so she can be relaunched.

In February 2024 the contract, signed ten years earlier in February 2014, expired without the buyer paying anything towards the purchase of Sirius. With him out of the picture and not communicating a new owner was found and repairs to the hull should commence soon.

Please support the restoration of this famous vessel by clicking on the link and posting it on social media.

we have raised over $3,000ao far but we  need a lot more. Please help this to go viral.

There 's a schooner in the offing,


With her topsails shot with fire,


And my heart has gone aboard her


For the Islands of Desire.

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